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Dr. Shastri Shri 108 Kalpeshchandra Dinavantrai Raval (Paliyad) M.A, B.Ed, M.Phill is goddess's ultimate worshiper, Astrology gem, Astrology Master, Astrology Pollen, Astrology Omniscient London, Gold Medalist, Ritualistic, Acharya and a intense of scientific method Knowledgeable astrologer. We Provide Services like Katha, Marriage, Navchandi, Temple Inaugration, Vastu Shanti, Vastu Pooja, Bhagwat Katha, Pitru (Ancestor's) Peace, Mesmerism, Phantom, Merry education (Meli Vidhya) and contact us to get rid of land defects and for Real Gemstones of Navagrah. We provide service for every kind of mantra mechanism, Handwritten and computerized birth certificates will be made with the respective frames. Delay in attainment of child, Foreign yog - Business problems, Financial Problems, Family Problem, Interruption in marriage, Architectural problem, Vashikaran, Love Marriage, Mental disturbance, etc. We will provide guidance and solution for any kind of problems. Providing services to people of Ahmedabad and India from last 25 years.

As we say that the "Peacock's egg does not need to be painted". Likewise, Late. Shri Dinwantrai Bhagwanji Raval (Paliyad) Astrology Pollen, Astrology Vibhushan, Astrology Master's son Dr. Shastri Shri 108 Kalpeshchandra Maharaj Dinwantrai Raval(Palliyad) M.A, B.Ed, M.Phill. had received the knowledge of Astrology in inheritance from his father. Dr. Shastri Shri 108 Kalpeshchandra Maharaj has got the above mentioned degrees from Sola Bhagwat, Sola, Ahmedabad.

Dr. Shastri Shri 108 Kalpeshchandra Maharaj had passed Astrology Bhrashpati, Astrology Pollen, Astrology gem examination from All India Astrology Federation. He was also awarded with the Gold Medal (Jyotish Ratna) in All India Astrology Conference, Gandhinagar on Date : 02-02-2002. In Year 1998 Dr. Shastri Kalpeshchandra received title "108" from Jagatguru Sankracharya.

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